HDC designs and implements a proactive marketing program tailored to the landlord's specific objectives. HDC does not wait for the phone to ring; we target the most likely prospects and go after them!

Rock Landing Professional Park

The following will highlight our approach to leasing commercial properties:

  • MARKETING MATERIALS: HDC prepares an information package containing a fact sheet, locator map, photographs and other pertinent leasing information to distribute to prospective tenants. In certain situations, a one-page flyer highlighting the pertinent marketing facts for the properties is prepared for initial contacts.

  • USE OF ELECTRONIC MARKETING: HDC makes extensive use of the latest online marketing tools. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, marketing materials, created for print, are listed on our website, on Co-Star, on LoopNet, and other engines appropriate to certain properties.

  • TARGET MARKETING: HDC will formulate a target list of prospective tenants that are most likely to locate in a certain area or lease the subject product type. A letter of introduction to the building will be e-mailed to this target group along with the one-page flyer. Follow-up calls will be made to all prospects resulting from these efforts to ascertain their interest level. The full marketing package will be forwarded to any interested prospects and meetings will be scheduled to discuss each requirement in more detail.

  • SIGNAGE: HDC recognizes the value of highly visible and attractive leasing signage, which is consistent with the quality of the building. Prospective tenants for a given building are likely to be driving by it on a daily or weekly basis. Standard leasing signs in several sizes are kept in inventory in order to expedite installation.

  • INVENTORY E-MAILINGS: Available properties exclusively listed with HDC are highlighted in an "Inventory Update" package, which is e-mailed to an updated list of active brokers, investors and municipal agencies involved with economic development.

  • DIRECT CONTACTS: HDC makes direct contact with businesses and other organizations either for referral information or to approach directly for specific space requirements. Through our extensive network of contacts and tenant clients, whom we are working with or have served in the past, HDC is extremely effective in directly procuring prospective tenants for various properties.

  • REPORTING: HDC reports to its clients its efforts in marketing properties for lease, as well as the status of active negotiations. HDC also keeps its clients informed of any developments in the area, market, transportation, zoning, local government, etc., which will affect the leasing or marketability of the owner's property.


The HDC team takes a proactive and aggressive approach to marketing commercial and industrial properties for sale. HDC brings together an experienced group of professionals to provide maximum service for clients in the disposition, acquisition, or sale/lease back of corporate assets. Individual team members contribute insight and diverse experience to the marketing plan for each property.

Collectively, the HDC team provides property owners and investors with powerful and accurate information, including:

  • Extensive, in-depth market knowledge
  • Expert property evaluation and analysis
  • Proven and effective result-oriented marketing strategies
  • Property management assessments
  • Broad network of real estate professionals, investors and end-users

Additionally, HDC provides a unique advantage when marketing unimproved property through its capabilities in preparing site plans, working with city and county inspection and permitting officials, and acquiring financing for build-to-suit and design/build projects. Therefore, HDC has the ability to assist a prospective purchaser through the entire process from acquiring the vacant land to the completion of a new facility.

Through an examination of the overall market, the property’s management, revenue and expense history, and income projections, HDC can efficiently market each project’s strongest attributes and effectively structure and negotiate each transaction.

  • HDC’s perspective as an active market participant in the development, acquisition, property management, and leasing of commercial and industrial properties allows the HDC team to successfully market and manage commercial assets to effectively meet the clients’ objectives.


Inspection and Analysis of Property:

  • Physical inspection of property and sub-market
  • Overall market analysis
  • Property evaluation:
  • Zoning, size & utility
  • Highest & best use
  • Development potential & feasibility analysis for undeveloped land
  • Property management assessment
  • Income and expense review & analysis
  • Investigation of Comparable Sales

Property Marketability:

  • Evaluation of market stability and current demand
  • Define property’s marketable attributes
  • Projection of market acceptance
  • Estimation of marketing time


Target Marketing:

  • Identify and prepare list of “Target Buyers”:
  • National, regional & local investment groups, institutions, REITs, etc.
  • Large Fortune 500 Corporate users
  • Regional and local owner/users
  • National, regional & local real estate developers
  • National, regional & local real estate brokerage firms
  • Create effective & attractive marketing package
  • Contact “Target Buyers” and aggressively pursue resulting prospects
  • Direct mail campaign
  • Follow-up phone prospecting, Personal appointments
  • Continual networking with industry professionals and corporate users & investors
  • Quick action and accurate & effective negotiating advice
  • Assertive and determined closing abilities
  • Consistent property and market monitoring and reporting